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Website Redesign for Consistent Branding

Project DescriptionRemit Processing Services (RPS) hired Courtland Consulting to design a website similar to their parent company website, Alliance Payment Solutions.  Having had Alliance as a client since 2015, we were honored to customize the design from scratch for RPS to bring their site in line with Alliance Payment Solution.Project URLHomeProject FeaturesThe home page features […]

Building Brand Loyalty is More Challenging than Ever Before

How you do build brand loyalty in today’s marketplace?Brand Loyalty: Today’s Greatest Business ChallengeWith the continuous change of technology trends, building a loyal base of customers is more difficult for businesses than ever before.  The data in a recent study shows that brand loyalty and customer retention isn’t as easy as it used to be. […]

Michigan Parkinson Foundation Graphic Design

Project DescriptionCourtland Consulting has provided graphic design services for the Michigan Parkinson Foundation (MPF) nonprofit ranging from logo rebranding to brochures, business cards and social media banners. The purpose of the logo branding refresh was to emphasize “Michigan” to better emphasize MPF’s mission to supporting the needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease, their families, and health […]