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Support from Start to Finish

At Courtland Consulting we do not just build your website and hand you the keys. We provide you with a full support team to help you down the road with anything you may need. From start to finish and beyond, Courtland will be there to help!We start by crafting a website that fits your needs perfectly. […]

How to Help our Courtland Team be a Part of your Team

Our Courtland creative team’s goals are to be an extension of your team.  Don’t have a developer on your team, but want to add a little pizzazz to your website?  We have one that can help.  Need a data migration or conversion or a web service programmed but don’t have a programmer on staff?  We […]

Update this, upgrade that, who has time? And is it really necessary?

It seems upgrades have become one of those annoying things we all love to hate, like robocalls, spam emails, and junk mail. Who has time?!? But unlike all of those things, upgrades are not something extra trying to be peddled over the internet, they can contain critical upgrades, security patches, and important new features brought […]

10 Things to Aid in Building a Top-level Help Desk

The key to any top-level help desk is to build trust and confidence in your customer base which in turn helps to establish credibility. By delivering consistent, quality customer service, your client base will trust you more and more and use the help desk as a go to source for information and resolving issues. This […]

Courtland Provides Help Desk and Quality Assurance for Michigan CIMS Project

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services needed help establishing a new monitoring and quality assurance system with a focus on improving educational results for Michigan students with disabilities. With our history of successful system implementation, Courtland Consulting was selected by the Prime Vendor, Public Sector Consultants (PSC), […]

State of Michigan Child Support Project

As a leader in the area of Child Support system design, project implementation, training and customer support, Courtland Consulting has been a key resource since 1990 in managing compliance activities and assisting the State of Michigan to certify the federally mandated Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES).Historically, Courtland’s business analysts, quality assurance consultants, instructional designers, […]

State of New Jersey Child Support Project

Courtland Consulting has provided implementation and customer support services to the New Jersey Division of Family Development NJKiDS Child Support Project since 2006. Our primary role is to prepare the users for conversion to the new NJKiDS application and provide user support following the conversion to assure proficiency and productivity. Courtland’s experienced team worked closely […]

State of Delaware Child Support Project

Courtland Consulting has provided Implementation Planning services to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Child Support Enforcement, DACSES Replacement Project since April of 2012. Our responsibilities include the coordination of all readiness activities that lead up to Statewide cutover to the new Delaware Child Support System (DECSS) application. In addition, our […]

Key Elements for a Successful System Implementation

Successful system implementation is more than just creating a new application. Careful assessment, planning and communication efforts are crucial to ensuring the successful transition to any new system.  With over 25 years experience in complex, large-scale, and small business implementation, Courtland Consulting can help your organization with a well-planned and cost-effective transition.PLANNINGWhether implementing a software […]