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Website Goals for 2018

How to Make Your Website More Successful in 20183 Key Focus Points to Make Your Website Work Harder for You This Year:Increase Traffic:Research different keyword possibilities. Carefully select keywords based on your audience and the amount of search traffic it brings.Place those keywords in strategic positions throughout your website, including headers, content, image alt tags, […]

Top 4 things your nonprofit can do now to take advantage of the online giving season

Studies show that around 30% of all online giving is done in the month of December. So, even though the holiday season seems like a long way off,  nonprofits should be planning for it year round. Courtland Consulting loves to help nonprofits with all of their digital marketing needs. Here are the top 4 things […]

2018 #websitegoals

Seems everyone has got goals these days. Some long term, others more short term, and others more just like a cool meme on their instagram feed: #lifegoals, #relationshipgoals, #weekendgoals.  Goals are good right?  They help us envision where we want to be.  Now that 2018 is upon us, have you taken any time to ponder […]

Making a List & Checking it Twice: This Season’s Checklist to Grow Your Website Traffic

Do You Want to Grow Your Website Traffic?If so, let’s make a list (that you can check twice) to grow your website traffic this holiday season.Get Out Your Blogging Pencil – Write fresh, interesting content on your website. No same-old, same-old, boring content allowed!  Draw more website traffic by spicing up your blog posts with […]

Is Your Website Content Costing You Sales?

Survey shows that your website content may be the reason behind lost sales.Content is KingI’m sure you’ve heard the internet marketing mantra, “Content is King.”  With the many technology changes over the years and the advent of mobile internet, the importance of quality content still remains one of the constants in the equation. A recent […]

The Domino Effect: Why Writing a Blog is a Good Idea

Changing Your “To-Do” ListAs business owners, time is a precious commodity you don’t want to waste.  You have a fairly decent website, so why bother with the unnecessary extras of writing a blog?  To be honest, the idea of writing a blog has already been filed in your Not-To-Do List.What you don’t understand is the […]

IBM Study: How To Improve Your Customer’s Online & Offline Experience

Global survey shows a customer’s online and offline experience usually does not measure up to the customer’s expectations.Creating Better Customer ExperiencesProviding an enjoyable experience for consumers is necessary for businesses of all type. Whether it’s by having knowledgeable sales staff or an easy-to-navigate website, businesses that change their tactics to match customer expectations will outperform […]

Website Checkup: 5 Ways to Improve Your Website

Learn about five techniques you can use to improve your website.    Time for a Website CheckupA stagnant website soon becomes an outdated, ineffective website.  After developing and completing your website, you would like to think you can check off the “Develop Website” box on your task list and walk away and call it good.  […]