TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Productivity and Survey Tools

Technology Has Completely Changed the Way We Work and CommunicateBy: Michelle LeFeve, Consultant at Courtland ConsultingMy work at Courtland Consulting allows me to share with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services.  This Technology Trends […]

Courtland and Lochbridge Join Together to Present on Collaborative Communication Resources & Tools

 Courtland Consulting and Lochbridge join together to present at this year’s Michigan Family Support Council (MFSC) 2016 Fall Conference on collaborative communication resources. The workshop session includes tips for developing engaging presentations, techniques on writing for the web, and free online resources to help increase productivity and ultimately improve collaboration among Michigan’s child support professionals […]

System Testing – A Closer Look

One of the core services that Courtland provides is implementation of large and small scale systems. One very important step in the process of implementing a new system is testing and quality assurance (QA). Courtland’s testing resources have provided services to many human services and education projects including the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES), […]

A few of our favorite things: Michelle LeFeve

What are some of your favorite memories with Courtland Consulting?When I first started at Courtland, my first contract position was with the State of Michigan on the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System Project (MiCSES). One of my favorite memories while working with Courtland on this project was in the summer of 2000. While performing the […]

State of Michigan Child Support Project

As a leader in the area of Child Support system design, project implementation, training and customer support, Courtland Consulting has been a key resource since 1990 in managing compliance activities and assisting the State of Michigan to certify the federally mandated Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES).Historically, Courtland’s business analysts, quality assurance consultants, instructional designers, […]