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Food for Thought on Fatherhood Programs

 This week I will head to the National Fatherhood Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. I am honored that while at Courtland, I have been involved with Fatherhood Programs providing research and evaluation, as a  member of advisory boards, and as outreach and supporter of the former Michigan Fatherhood Coalition.  I have observed a wide variety of […]

Congratulations on a Successful PACSS Implementation

The Palmetto Automated Child Support System (PACSS) is live in four counties in South Carolina. The counties that were involved in the pilot implementation were: Aiken, Fairfield, Sumter, and York. Congratulations to the staff of those counties for their patience and dedication to this effort! There has been a lot of work put in to get […]

Basic Web Conferencing Etiquette

With today’s mobile world, it seems that people can work from just about anywhere. While we are still digging out of the deep freeze here in Michigan, my co-worker will be working remotely for a week in March…from Ecuador! People are telecommuting, working from remote locations, but in most jobs, we can’t work in a […]

TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Productivity and Survey Tools

Technology Has Completely Changed the Way We Work and CommunicateBy: Michelle LeFeve, Consultant at Courtland ConsultingMy work at Courtland Consulting allows me to share with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services.  This Technology Trends […]

Preparing Your Project Expedition Part 3 – Business Considerations

 Welcome back as we continue mapping your project journey with Part 3 of this article series; Business Considerations.  As with Part 2, Project Management Considerations, our goal is to understand what the business expects as project outcomes; in other words, project success factors. The business is the driver of the project. The business provides functional […]

Preparing Your Project Expedition – Part 2 Project Management Considerations

You will recall, as we left off in Part 1 – Setting the Foundation, we were talking about establishing your project’s goals and expectations in order to chart a course.  We described four basic categories (Project Management, Business, Technology and External Partners) that should be considered when identifying expectations. Here, in Part 2, we are […]

Preparing Your Project Expedition – Part 1 Setting the Foundation

It is common knowledge that most projects fail to meet initial performance criteria (i.e. schedule, cost, quality, and/or functionality) for any number of reasons. The Internet contains countless articles dedicated to “the reasons for project failure” topic. The theme seems to be rooted in poor planning from project inception, often due to limited understanding of […]

State of Maine Child Support Project

The implementation for the new child support system for the State of Maine, CSEME, started in 2009 using a phased approach by planning and programming it in functional increments (i.e. Financials, Case Initiation, Case Review, etc.). In 2010, the State and Primary vendor, Protech Solutions (Courtland Consulting Partner), were in need of someone to take […]