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10 Things Your Community Action Agency Website Needs

Every business needs an effective website, but what makes a Community Action Agency’s (CAA) website different? I have compiled the top 10 things your community action agency website needs.We all know CAAs help people to help themselves to achieve self-sufficiency. A CAA website needs to help support that mission and make it easy for those […]

Support from Start to Finish

At Courtland Consulting we do not just build your website and hand you the keys. We provide you with a full support team to help you down the road with anything you may need. From start to finish and beyond, Courtland will be there to help!We start by crafting a website that fits your needs perfectly. […]

Creating a Web Presence for Looking Glass Child Development Center

Project Description:Courtland creates a website for Looking Glass CDC.  The Looking Glass Child Development Center (CDC) believes that children thrive when provided a safe and nurturing environment that celebrates individuality and fosters creativity. They are committed to providing developmentally appropriate activities and enrichment opportunities designed to support social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.Looking Glass CDC […]

How to Help our Courtland Team be a Part of your Team

Our Courtland creative team’s goals are to be an extension of your team.  Don’t have a developer on your team, but want to add a little pizzazz to your website?  We have one that can help.  Need a data migration or conversion or a web service programmed but don’t have a programmer on staff?  We […]

SEO 101 Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine OptimizationBack in February, we told you about the power of SEO and its ability to help you make your website more visible. So this month, for those of you that are interested in learning more about SEO and what it is, we thought we would break down the basics!The purpose […]

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

In today’s marketing driven society, your website is your best (free) marketing tool. Below are 10 simple ways to improve your website user experience without a complete re-design. However, if your website is 10 years old, a re-design is recommended.1. Use White SpaceOften people complain about not using all the real estate in a website […]

Update this, upgrade that, who has time? And is it really necessary?

It seems upgrades have become one of those annoying things we all love to hate, like robocalls, spam emails, and junk mail. Who has time?!? But unlike all of those things, upgrades are not something extra trying to be peddled over the internet, they can contain critical upgrades, security patches, and important new features brought […]

Top 7 Things for Your Website to be the “Go To” Place

Don’t settle for a boring, mundane website.  Give your website legs and feet, and an energy drink so it works hard for you and generates more business.   Your goal is for your website to be your customer’s “Go To” place (their happy place) when they are looking for information or services.  You want to become […]

Certification Board of Addiction Professionals Website Redesign

Project DescriptionThe Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (MCBAP) was in need of a rebrand to renew their image and new website to improve the design navigation of their website to allow for quicker access to online forms and searching certifications for Michigan’s certified addiction professionals.  The website is mobile compatible with tablets and mobile […]

Child Support Association Website Portal

Project DescriptionThe Friend of the Court Association (FOCA) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage progressive legislation, resolutions and other desirable programs representing the common interest of the children and their families involved in domestic relations problems in the State of Michigan.The organization partnered with Courtland Consulting to achieve two main goals for […]