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A Google My Business Account Can Help Get Your Site Noticed

 Whether we like it or not, Google powers the internet.  Google has 90% of the search engine market, and its nearest competitor at 2%. You won’t get found on the internet if you’re not listed on Google.  There are many ways to get your website noticed by Google: search engine optimization, keeping fresh content on […]

How Does Google’s RankBrain Affect SEO?

The Newest Player on the SEO Field: RankBrain  Most of us know a little something about the importance of keywords in SEO ranking.  But now there’s more to SEO than simply focusing on keywords, links, etc. (Yes, I know that SEO is more complicated than that 🙂 ).  In 2015 Google added yet another twist to […]

SEO 101 Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine OptimizationBack in February, we told you about the power of SEO and its ability to help you make your website more visible. So this month, for those of you that are interested in learning more about SEO and what it is, we thought we would break down the basics!The purpose […]

Making your Website more Visible on Search Engines

So, you’ve invested your time and dollars into a new website.  It looks exactly how you envisioned and has everything you need and more.  You can’t wait for people to start visiting and interacting with your new site!  But…wait a minute.  Who is going to see it or even know about it?  You can make an […]

Great Website Tips

Need some website tips? At Courtland Consulting, we leverage our intimate knowledge of the latest technologies, along with current design trends, to keep your small business at the forefront of web design techniques and trends.  Courtland works closely with our customers to design websites that are easy to find in search engines, simple to use, […]