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TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Productivity and Survey Tools

Technology Has Completely Changed the Way We Work and CommunicateBy: Michelle LeFeve, Consultant at Courtland ConsultingMy work at Courtland Consulting allows me to share with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services.  This Technology Trends […]

Collaborating for Success: REACH

 Courtland Consulting is proud to work on projects that strive to improve our community and focus on serving families and children. Due to our proven history of successfully evaluating projects that focus on families, we were selected, in September 2010, by the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) of the Michigan Supreme Court to conduct an […]

Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project

Project EvaluationThe Michigan Supreme Court’s State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) selected Courtland Consulting to complete a two year impact evaluation of the Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project. This is a pilot project that will test the use of non-adversarial language and the use of parenting plans, in divorce proceedings for families with children. The project […]

Michigan Judicial Data Warehouse Project

The Michigan Supreme Court, through the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO), established the statewide Michigan Judicial Data Warehouse (JDW).  The JDW is a comprehensive electronic information system, developed, owned, and maintained by SCAO Judicial Information Services (JIS) Department.  The JDW is licensed to local courts for the sole purpose of creating a single repository for […]