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A few of our favorite things: Lisa Hagen

 Lisa Hagen is a Consultant at Courtland Consulting and currently working as a Policy Analyst at the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Office of Child Support (OCS). She started at Courtland Consulting in November 2014 after graduating from law school.What are some of your favorite memories with Courtland?My first Courtland Christmas party […]

A few of our favorite things: Michelle LeFeve

What are some of your favorite memories with Courtland Consulting?When I first started at Courtland, my first contract position was with the State of Michigan on the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System Project (MiCSES). One of my favorite memories while working with Courtland on this project was in the summer of 2000. While performing the […]

Michigan-Based Consulting Firm’s Creative Division Grows 40%; Rebrands Under Parent Company

The former Strudell Studios® Creative Division of Courtland Consulting® announced today it will rebrand under Courtland Consulting, a small business enterprise technology consulting firm. East Lansing-based Courtland Consulting established the Strudell Studios brand in 2008 to promote the company’s creative services for graphic design, web design and web development. Courtland’s Creative Division serves a large […]