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TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Productivity and Survey Tools

Technology Has Completely Changed the Way We Work and CommunicateBy: Michelle LeFeve, Consultant at Courtland ConsultingMy work at Courtland Consulting allows me to share with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services.  This Technology Trends […]

Is Your Documentation Relevant for the 21st Century?

At the beautiful location of Myrtle Beach, SC, the Center for the Support of Families and the Courtland Consulting Team conducted a partner technology training session at the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) 2016 Conference on “Is Your Documentation Relevant for the 21st Century?”. This page lists all of the presentation and resource […]

21st Century Learning

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” (Alvin Toffler)One of the biggest obstacles to learning is fear. Fear of new technology. Fear of change. And, fear of not understanding. Learning is a continuous process, and in today’s world, overtly […]

8 Tips to a Successful Presentation

 Presentations are a part of our everyday world. With over 3 billion active Internet users and nearly 2.1 billion people with social media accounts, the latest Generation Z culture is definitely a connected one. With the multitude of digital formats that can be used for delivering presentations, including web conferencing, podcasts, and social media, it […]

How to host a successful webinar – part 3

In the final graphic of this training blog series, we examine the features of the video and web conferencing hosts Showdocument, Twiddla, WebEx and Yugma.  As you identify the features that are necessary for your particular webinar, match the need with a corresponding video and web conferencing host shown in this series. As you can see, […]

How to host a successful webinar – part 2

In our previous training webinar blog, we outlined the features of five video and web conferencing hosts that included: Anymeeting, Fuze, Citrix, iMeetLive by PGi, and InterCall. This week, we’ve compiled all of the features for another five prominent hosts: JoinMe, Meeting Burner, Zoho, NetBriefings, and Qwikcast.What is the right solution for you?See our final […]

6 Steps to Flawless Web Conferencing

When you perform a web conferencing event that entails connecting multiple off-site locations with a live attendee audience, I have a list of tips to help you make your online presentation a success.This document is written for Event Coordinators or Web Conference Moderators and the following recommended steps start after the event venue has been […]

10 Things to Aid in Building a Top-level Help Desk

The key to any top-level help desk is to build trust and confidence in your customer base which in turn helps to establish credibility. By delivering consistent, quality customer service, your client base will trust you more and more and use the help desk as a go to source for information and resolving issues. This […]

Transitions Optical Web-based Training

Innereactive Media partnered with Courtland Consulting to program the Transitions® Basics & Beyond website into a responsive web design and fully-featured online training program. The Basics & Beyond website is for Transitions Optical to broadcast the marketing and branding for their newest transition lenses. Courtland Consulting programmed the website using a content management system platform and integrated a single sign […]

Courtland Provides Help Desk and Quality Assurance for Michigan CIMS Project

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services needed help establishing a new monitoring and quality assurance system with a focus on improving educational results for Michigan students with disabilities. With our history of successful system implementation, Courtland Consulting was selected by the Prime Vendor, Public Sector Consultants (PSC), […]