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Basic Web Conferencing Etiquette

With today’s mobile world, it seems that people can work from just about anywhere. While we are still digging out of the deep freeze here in Michigan, my co-worker will be working remotely for a week in March…from Ecuador! People are telecommuting, working from remote locations, but in most jobs, we can’t work in a […]

How to host a successful webinar – part 3

In the final graphic of this training blog series, we examine the features of the video and web conferencing hosts Showdocument, Twiddla, WebEx and Yugma.  As you identify the features that are necessary for your particular webinar, match the need with a corresponding video and web conferencing host shown in this series. As you can see, […]

How to host a successful webinar – part 2

In our previous training webinar blog, we outlined the features of five video and web conferencing hosts that included: Anymeeting, Fuze, Citrix, iMeetLive by PGi, and InterCall. This week, we’ve compiled all of the features for another five prominent hosts: JoinMe, Meeting Burner, Zoho, NetBriefings, and Qwikcast.What is the right solution for you?See our final […]

How to host a successful webinar

Hosting your first webinar can be intimidating. Will the technology work? Will you understand how to use it? Is your content relevant? Will anyone participate?Hosting a successful webinar relies on the following factors:Relevant and timely content. Are you sharing something useful? Is there a need for the content you are sharing?Outline your content. This will […]

6 Steps to Flawless Web Conferencing

When you perform a web conferencing event that entails connecting multiple off-site locations with a live attendee audience, I have a list of tips to help you make your online presentation a success.This document is written for Event Coordinators or Web Conference Moderators and the following recommended steps start after the event venue has been […]

Developing a Successful Training Session

The success of an organization depends on the people they employ.  A key factor in attracting, retaining, and developing the best people is the kind of training sessions an organization provides.  Providing access to clear, concise, cutting-edge learning seems like the obvious answer, but how do you put that into action? The following are training tips […]