The Courtland Cache – January

Courtland Team Happy new Year

Shining a Light…

The Courtland Consulting Team would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope the holidays brought you peace, happiness, and an excitement to begin the new decade.

The spirit of the new year always brings about the inevitable (and sometimes scary) resolutions; whether it’s finally making an effort to eat healthier, waking up earlier to go to the gym, or simply going out of your way to do something nice for someone. While we all have our own personal goals for 2020, Courtland Consulting also committed to our own company resolutions. One of these resolutions is to begin a company newsletter. Our goal is to spotlight some of the clients we work with, bring you relevant tech news and trends, and hopefully entertain you as well. Our client portfolio is diverse: we have a community of small businesses, nonprofits, and child support community members. We hope by highlighting our various clientele, the services they provide and the services we provide for them, we offer an opportunity for learning. We also plan to include some shout-outs to our excellent partners and have a monthly preview of some upcoming dates to annoy your coworkers with. And who knows? Maybe it’ll even be funny from time to time.


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Try it, You’ll Like it – Calendars             

This segment is going to focus on covering a feature, plugin or add-on for your website. We know what you’re thinking, my website is already perfect. However, we hope to provide insight on add-ons that could potentially add-on benefits to your organization. Our clients are often ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating these plugins such as firewalls, social media feeds, reservation/booking tools, etc. It is good to stay informed as these are constantly evolving! So, for this first newsletter, and in the spirit of the New Year, we thought it would be fitting to cover a calendar integration as our first “featured add-on” segment.

Calendars are not a week addition to your website. But did you know there are many ways they can be integrated and used depending on your need? Calendars can be used in private portals for board members to ensure sensitive information and meetings are kept under wraps. Public calendars can allow external users to schedule and or update events within their own organization or community. They can also be used as a booking tool, or merely to provide information on local upcoming events, such as location, time, and guest speakers/performers. But wait, there’s more! A calendar add-on can boost your credibility as it adds a level of transparency and organization to your respective audience and it can boost your SEO as well as you update your calendar.

What’s the difference between calendars and our sales guy? A calendar has dates.


While we’ve got you here, did you know?

Speaking of dates, here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:           

January 20thMartin Luther King Jr. Day

January 25thLunar New Year

January 28thData Privacy Day


In the Spirit of Partnership

And as always, a special thanks to our wonderful partners. We encourage our readers to check them out and take a look at all the wonderful things they do!

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