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Social Media Done for You

The Fuerstenau Burkett Agency is a father-daughter Farm Bureau insurance group that does a great job covering their clients for the unexpected things that happen in life. They are knowledgeable
Shopify Owner

Pros and Cons of Shopify

  Courtland recently teamed up with the Desai Sethi Foundation (DSF) to create Shopify e-commerce websites for small businesses. Shopify is a hugely popular e-commerce platform that allows anyone to
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VIP StarNETWORK Website Redesign

VIP StarNETWORK affords you the opportunity to receive private healthcare that considers your individual needs with our network of quality providers through their provider and client portals. VIP StarNETWORK increases

Pro and Cons of WooCommerce

There are many pros and cons of WooCommerce that are worth knowing before venturing into the world of e-commerce. Before moving forward with WooCommerce, it’s good to look at both
Lansing Art Gallery Scheduling Tool

Scheduling Tool for Gallery Shopping

Scheduling Tool for In-Person Shopping As with any art gallery, The Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center  thrives when people can come and experience the art in person. Since the
LAPS for Lansing

LAPS Virtual Event Marketing

In the age of social media, an event cannot be successful without an online presence. ESPECIALLY if the event is a virtual race. This is especially true now that we’ve