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Debt Compromise

Debt Compromise: A Promising Tool to Ease Financial Burdens Debt Compromise is a promising tool for child support agencies. Some states are starting to utilize this tool to assist noncustodial
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Recognizing Trauma in Child Support

Trauma has become one of the leading topics of discussion in the world of child support. More offices are beginning to recognize that being a trauma informed individual will lead

Fatherhood Matters

  Fatherhood Matters. The involvement of a father in their child’s life can be life altering. At the 2023 NCSEA Policy Forum, Plenary VIII was  moving session that emphasized the

South Carolina PACSS Implementation

  In September of 2019, South Carolina became the last state to receive a federally certified child support system. Courtland Consulting partnered with Xerox and the state to implement the
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Child Support Awareness Month

Reflections from Courtland Consultants on Child Support Awareness Month In 1990 Courtland began providing consulting services to the Michigan Child Support Project – MiCSES. Since then, we have spent 30