Choosing the Right Email for your Business or NonProfit

Courtland Consulting - Choosing the Right Email for Your Business

So your small business or nonprofit needs to update their website?  But what does that mean for your email? Whether you are creating a brand new website, or upgrading an existing one, choosing the right email hosting is one of the many things to think about. There are a number of choices when it comes to email for your organization.

Hosting Provider Email vs. External Email Services

Email with your web hosting account


  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of Use – administer files, database and email from same control panel


  • Activity by other accounts on shared server can cause your accounts to be blacklisted
  • Limitations on sending emails – amount per hour/minute/second
  • Limitations on the number of emails accounts
  • Disk Space Limits
  • Adds complexity to moving your web hosting

External Email Provider


  • Smaller risk of having your emails blacklisted
  • Website moves do not affect your email accounts
  • Fewer limitations on number of email addresses and sent emails


  • Higher cost
  • Loss of convenience of having all your hosting services in one account

Other Email Options – Email Sending Services

Organizations that send large volumes of email, such as marketing emails or a large number of transactional emails, might also consider using services specifically designed for this purpose. These services are focused on successful delivery of large volumes of email, and provide flexible ways to integrate their service into your operations. They might (depending on the provider and the account type) provide special ways to handle complaints, unsubscribe requests, and bounces.

Some of these services can be quite costly, and some can be very affordable, depending on what features they have, and how much service you require as opposed to being able to set things up yourself (or with the help of consultants).

Written by Greg Holmes, lead developer for Courtland Consulting’s Creative Division