Top 10 Nonprofit Website Musts to Turn Website Visits into Online Donations

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When running a nonprofit your operating budget is always tight.  It can be like solving a jigsaw puzzle trying to make all the expenses fit. It is hard to choose what a must-have is versus a nice-to-have.  Some might think that your website is a place to cut corners, but think again!

According to , for nonprofits “online revenue grew by 19% in 2015 – even better than the previous year’s 12% growth.” And there is a lot of competition for those online donations.  Nonprofit Tech for Good noted that 92% of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have a website and 75% of those accept online donations.  With those numbers, does that convince you that your site needs stand out in a crowd?

Courtland has a strong track record of helping nonprofits boost their online presence – whether we are starting from scratch, reorganizing an existing site for better usability, giving them a fresh new look or adding new functionality.  One of our nonprofit clients, Non Profit Good Practice Guide is a part of the Michigan Non Profit Management Support Organization  (MSO) Network.  They provide valuable online resources to support and improve nonprofits. Six months after launching their website they saw a 40% increase in site visitors per month.  This is one of the many great examples of how Courtland successfully supports the nonprofit community. To help you get the most bang for your buck Courtland has gathered our top ten nonprofit website tips.

Top 10 Nonprofit Website Musts to Turn Website Visits into Online Donation

  1. Who, What, Where – your home page must answer the questions of who you are, what you do, and where people go to help
  2. Keep it Simple -“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” ~ Hans Hofmann
  3. Clear, concise content – is your content directed at your intended audience and will it influence them to take action?
  4. Imagery – 65% of the population are visual learners – use powerful images to help tell your story.
  5. What’s Your Story? – regular blog posts keep the narrative going about your cause and will help to introduce you to new supporters.
  6. The Ask – let’s face it, as a whole our attention spans are dwindling. Your landing page has mere seconds to grab their attention. Make sure your Donate Now button is front and center!
  7. Who Can You Trust? – If you’re asking for money, you must give your clients the peace of mind that your site can be trusted to keep their personal information secure. Be sure to have a privacy policy and protect your website for online donations.
  8. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! – “For every 1,000 fundraising emails delivered in 2015, nonprofits received $44.00 in revenue.” quoted from the 2016 Benchmarks X study. Sending email newsletters and adding a call to action on your site for visitors to sign-up earns money for your cause.
  9. Are you for Real? – Branding your site and coordinating that with a strong presence on social media will help new visitors quickly learn about your cause and find out who you are and what you do.
  10. Responsive Design – The #1 thing you MUST have is a responsive website. It has been a year since mobile only internet users surpassed desktop only users. Also in 2015, Google changed its search engine analytics to give higher rankings in search results to mobile-friendly websites.