Top 7 Things for Your Website to be the “Go To” Place

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Don’t settle for a boring, mundane website.  Give your website legs and feet, and an energy drink so it works hard for you and generates more business.   Your goal is for your website to be your customer’s “Go To” place (their happy place) when they are looking for information or services.  You want to become their first choice, not their last choice— to position yourself in the front of the line so you get noticed and they keep coming back for more.

Here are the top 7 things to help your website earn the “Go To” status:

  1. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

It’s better to over-simplify than to over-complicate your content.  Keep it easy for your customer to find the exact information they are searching for.  Is your website smarter than a 5th grader?  If so, then bring it down a notch and simplify the terms.   Use bite size, easy-to-chew pieces of information that are easy to follow (Unless of course your target audience is technically savvy).  Also, use headers that state the exact thing your customer is looking for.  For example, instead of a broad header like “Business Information” use “5 Easy Steps to Writing a Business Plan”. 

  1. Make it More Than Interesting

Your content should not just be interesting but compelling, bringing your customers to a point of action. It’s great if your customers have their heads filled with information, but how can you help them take the next step and actually do something with it?  How can you take them by the hand and guide them to the starting line so they jump into the race?   Once they jump into the race your content has converted from interesting content to compelling content.

  1. Are You Wearing Your Badge?

The way to become an authority figure in your niche is to offer your customers valuable information that goes beyond just scratching the surface.  Almost everybody offers “general” information, but what can you offer that hits a touch point or solves a real need? Give away something of real value for free, no strings attached, then your customers will know that you’re the place to go to if they want more.  Giving away valuable fresh nuggets of information can quickly help you earn your badge of authority and trust.

  1. Engage the Page

What questions are your customers asking? Are you answering those questions or just beating around the bush?  Or worse yet, you’re at the wrong bush.  Find out what your customers want, and engage them in the page content. Be specific and get to the point.  Ask the questions upfront and then answer the question in as few simple steps as possible. Remember, your customers are not interested in a content marathon, but rather a sprint to find what they’re looking for. 

Also, consider providing your customer easy ways to respond with feedback.  Look for ways to build a conversation with them and help them engage, so they tell you more of what they want.  Here are some simple tools:  Online chat, text messaging, surveys and online tools.

  1. Open the Backdoor

If your website is focused on information, is there a product you can refer customers to that compliments your information?  Maybe this product isn’t an upfront sale, but a subtle, helpful suggestion.  How about an affiliate product that you can recommend and not have to handle or stock.  This is just one more step to helping your customer and maximizing your website’s potential.

  1. Go Social!

Got milk?  Or in this case a better question is “Got Social Media?”  In a social media fixated world, social media isn’t optional anymore.  If you want to move to the front of the line, you have to think about social media. And, you need more than just the standard buttons in your header or footer; you need to take the next step and pull in the Facebook posts and the tweets to grab your customer’s attention.   Show them that you engage with your community and that you are personable and approachable.

  1. Mobile Friendly

According to current statistics (, people using mobile devices (51%) have surpassed those using desktop (42%).  So, if your website isn’t mobile friendly your design and layout is not accommodating over half of your audience.  Yikes!  Update your website to provide a great website experience for your desktop visitors as well as your mobile visitors.

Becoming a “Go To” happy place for your customers is really about knowing what your customer wants and focusing on their needs first. Be the answer your customer is looking for, make the road easy to follow and provide them with real, tangible value. If you follow these simple steps, then voila, you quickly earn the much coveted “Go To” status to keep them coming back for more.

Kally Stehouwer works in our creative division as a web designer.