Effective Training Solutions

Courtland develops training solutions for all types of industries, businesses, and organizations.  Whether you need an LMS (Learning Management System), a new employee training program, training resources for your clients to show them how to best use your products or services, or if you’re converting to a new system and need to document the new processes, we can help!  

From creating engaging online classes, compelling instruction videos, detailed instruction manuals,  or developing an entire training resource website, we’ve got you covered.  We also offer on-site training.  Our blended learning solutions are designed to satisfy your specific training needs.

Training service diagram

Online Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Courtland specializes in LMS development. Whether you want a system to train employees or to educate clients, we can do that!  With our LMS systems you can easily create engaging and interactive online courses that include quizzes, end-of-lesson testing, certifications, badges and more.