Wayne Metro Genius LMS System

Brand-led e-learning design | Customized open source LMS | Client tools integration 

The Opportunity 

The Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (Wayne Metro) has been providing programs and services to low  income individuals and families in Wayne County Michigan and the City of Detroit since 1971. These include emergency intervention services, stabilizing supports, resource and skill building programs, and goal setting programs. 

In the fall of 2014, Wayne Metro communicated a need to Courtland Consulting to place their Homebuyer Orientation course on the web in an LMS System. They wanted to use this system to expand programs for their clients.  

  • The existing course needed to be redesigned for online deployment. 
  • The online course needed to be self-paced and reduce registration interaction. 
  • The course needed to include interactive elements and student assessments. 
  • Both the course and the LMS interface needed to match the branding of the existing client web site. 
  • The course needed to use a responsive design to display on desktops and mobile devices. 
  • The course needed be implemented in the new Drupal learning management system (LMS). 
  • A Single Sign On (SSO) needed to be created for use on both the client’s corporate website and the LMS. 

The Courtland Difference 

  Wayne Metro LMS

Courtland has a long standing partnership with Wayne Metro. We have worked with the organization on several ventures, including the main Wayne Metro web site.  For this project, Courtland worked closely with Wayne Metro staff using a team-based approach for the needs assessments, milestones and development feedback. Courtland’s instructional designer worked in close partnership with Wayne Metro’s course instructor to develop the online course presence. They worked together to split the course content into manageable segments for viewing on the web, adding clear directions and transition text, creating the course quizzes and including appropriate interactive elements. Using the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) model, Courtland presented 3 major milestone reviews and pilot tests for Wayne Metro staff to provide input on our design. Courtland then incorporated that feedback into the LMS and course development prior to implementation. In addition, a variety of ongoing targeted reviews provided additional feedback. 

The course was developed using a responsive design template in order to serve content on both desktops and mobile devices. Courtland customized the client’s open source LMS to match current branding and employed system tools to handle current and anticipated client needs. Courtland implemented a simplified login so Wayne Metro staff and clients can use a single account to access both the Wayne Metro services area of the main website and the LMS dashboard. Learners can self-register for an LMS account and can choose courses to take from the online course catalog. The LMS tracks student progress for the instructor to review on demand, and on course completion, instructors can choose to manually or automatically generate completion certificates and badges. 

During the project, the Courtland team provided user interface and system tools training via webinars and created Job Aids and other support materials for Wayne Metro staff. Ongoing support for clients and staff is available via the Courtland Help Desk. 

The close working partnership between the Wayne Metro and Courtland project staff led to a successful spring 2015 rollout of the Homebuyer Orientation course in the new Wayne Metro Genius LMS. 

The Results 

The Homebuyer Orientation course met the project timeline and was delivered to the client with very positive feedback. Users have said they love the look and feel of the site and how easy the LMS is to use. 

Comments from the pilot review include: 

love it” 

“Great course! I feel I learned a lot. 

Comments from the Wayne Metro staff on the process: 

Amy Kelly – Communications Manager, Wayne Metro Community Action Agency, says: “insert comment form Amy Kelly