Web-based Tutorial for Michigan Court Rules


The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) – Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI) provides continuing education to employees of the judicial branch. Because their audience is spread throughout Michigan’s 83 counties, they use distance learning methods whenever possible. For this project, MJI chose Courtland’s training team to revamp an existing web-based tutorial on how to look up Michigan Court Rules via the web and print manual.

Our team began by creating an attractive design for the course in keeping with the image of the Institute. We created a registration database that allows users to create an account to track their progress throughout the training. Courtland’s designers set up easy-to-use navigation for the course that provides ample user control.

MJI provided content and video clips to be integrated into the training. We reworked the video to play more efficiently and added user controls for easy playback. Courtland’s instructional designers also added interactive quizzes as check points throughout the training. Finally, the team created an online evaluation form, so users could provide feedback on the course and also set up a printable certificate that participants could print to show that they had completed the training.

Our rework resulted in a highly-effective training package that allowed users scattered throughout Michigan to update their skills and knowledge at minimal time and cost.

URL:  http://www.micourtrules.com