Website Goals for 2020

Website Goals for 2020

How to Achieve Your Website Goals in 2020

3 Key Focus Points to Make Your Website Work Harder for You This Year:

#1: Increase Traffic:

  • Research different keyword possibilities. Carefully select keywords based on your audience and the amount of search traffic it brings.
  • Place those keywords in strategic positions throughout your website, including headers, content, image alt tags, etc…
  • Sometimes, organic traffic isn’t enough. You may need to look for outside advertising opportunities, such as Adwords and social media, to bring in more traffic.

#2: Increase Engagement:

  • Make it easy for people to ask questions and get answers. Make yourself easily available through forms, a phone number and maybe even online-chat.
  • Stay in touch with your customers. Keep your name and services in front of your customers with a newsletter. But, don’t just use your newsletter solely for advertising purposes; instead, use your newsletter to create a personal connection with your customers through stories and helpful resources.
  • Your website needs interesting and compelling content to draw your customers in. Remember, your goal is not just to get people to stop by, but you want them to walk through the door and pull up a chair to find out what you have to offer.

#3: Increase Conversions:

  • Think of your customer first. Where do they want to go, and how can you get them there as quick as possible? Can you give them a fast track to get to what matters most?
  • Connect with your customers by answering the questions they already have. Create a barrier-free environment by removing as many obstacles as possible leading up to the conversion.
  • Lead your customers by the hand to their end-goal. Don’t leave them hanging somewhere in-between wondering what the next step is.

Need Help Reaching Your 2020 Website Goals?

Need help improving your website? Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Also, as one other improvement idea, have you thought about adding a blog to your website? Check out this blog: The Domino Effect: Why Writing a Blog is a Good Idea.

Infographic and Blog Post Created by Graphic Artist and Web Developer Kally Stehouwer