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Sometimes our to-do lists get so long at work, we turn down opportunities to get out of the office for a day and gain a new perspective. I had the opportunity to attend the Connect Michigan 2015 Broadband Conference with some of my colleagues in October – what a great experience! Not only was the conference educational, but it was a welcome break to see my colleagues in a new setting and network. There are many benefits to be gained from attending a professional conference

Connecting with Colleagues. Whether you work in a large corporate office or a small business that only has a few employees, a conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your co-workers on a more direct and personal level. Perhaps you work from home most days, or you are in the sales department and travel more than you are in the office. When you attend a conference with your colleagues, you get to spend time with them in person and build a stronger relationship with them in a different setting.

Network with Clients. At a professional conference, you have the chance to mingle and network with clients, partners and prospective clients. This can be a great relationship builder with your existing clients, as you can connect with them outside of the normal phone call or office meeting. It is also an opportunity to mingle with new people who work in your similar field. Or, you can meet industry experts to share ideas and learn from each other.

Learn more about the field that you work in. The Broadband Conference that I attended was a whole new wealth of information for me. I am relatively new to the Telecommunications industry. Each breakout session that I attended provided me with the chance to learn something new and relevant about the technology needs that our clients and Michigan’s local communities have available or may need delivered to them. It’s amazing how quickly trends and technology change, and a conference is a great way to keep current. Don’t stop learning when the conference is over though! Go back to the office and add value to your business or organization by sharing what you have gained.
So even during those times when you feel too busy to get away, it is important to seize those opportunities for outside continued education and relationship building that only a conference can offer.

Melissa Ferrigan works in our creative division as a QA Tester and HelpDesk Analyst.

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