When is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Website?

Website Upgrade

When Is The Best Time to Upgrade Your Website?

We get this question all the time. The best time to upgrade your website is during slow traffic times. If you have an upcoming event, it’s probably not the best time.

On Weekends

If your audience is using your website during business hours, the weekends may be the best time for your organization.

During Off Seasons

If your website is a seasonal website, it’s best to perform your website upgrade during your off season.

Between Christmas and New Years

Unless you do a lot of holiday online shopping, we find the week between Christmas and New Year’s the best time to upgrade your company or organization’s website. Most of your employees and audience are taking time off and the overall traffic to your website is much lighter.

Still Unsure? Check Your Analytics

If you are unsure when your site is going to have slower traffic times, check your website analytics to see if you have months, weeks, or days of the year that you have lighter traffic volume.

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