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What does your website want for Christmas?

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Last year’s outfit may be a little outdated. Your website needs a fresh outfit to represent your brand and business well this upcoming year. You’ll be amazed at how a little sprucing up here and there can add excitement to your brand and draw your customers in.

Let’s Find a Good Fit!

Give your website some power tools to improve your customer experience. From CRMs, to scheduling tools, to online forms, to staff portals, to custom programmed applications, Courtland can find or develop specialized tools and gadgets so your website works even harder for you.

Tim the Toolman, That’s Me!

Let your website veer from the ordinary and go someplace new and exciting? What about exploring creative marketing ideas to improve customer engagement, such as targeted email and social media campaigns?  Could you benefit from an easy-to-use shopping cart? What can your website offer that your competitor’s website doesn’t?

Yes, Please!

Is your website carrying some extra weight? Lose all the extra clicks and steps so your customers exactly where they need to be as quickly as possible. Courtland can help reorganize your layout and content so the fluff that customers get lost in is no longer an obstacle that drives them away.

Let’s Put Together a Workout Plan!

Is it time to move out of the dark ages and step into the new tech age? Are you hanging onto an outdated 5-year-old, dusty website design? What platform are you using? Can you make your own updates? Do you have the latest easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to keep your pages fresh and exciting all year round?

I Want Shiny New Tech!

To wrap it all up with beautiful Christmas paper and a bright red bow, not only will your website love you for giving that perfect gift, but also your customers. A gift to your website is a gift that will keep on giving to your business throughout the year.

Merry Christmas from Courtland and the Gang!

Lets Wrap it Up!

Inspiring Ideas that Help You Grow

How Can We Help?

In the world of technology, we speak many languages.  We speak “tech” and we speak “not-so-tech”.  Our expert programmers, developers and designers know the right questions to ask to determine your needs, wants and all of the necessary bits and pieces to give you the website that makes your organization shine. Our project managers, business analysts and trainers are able to bring the user’s point of view to the developers and bring the developers perspective to the users.

Looking for a powerful website or marketing solution to propel your business forward?  Courtland delivers web design and development, custom programming, marketing, and graphic design services to businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies nationwide.

Courtland can help with your next project rollout.  Courtland provides project management, implementation and training, project research and evaluation, LMS development and help desk services to corporations and government agencies nationwide.


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